With our unmatched experience in the heavy duty engine repair industry, you can be sure we will get the job done right. For CAT, Cummins & Detroit solutions we have the tools and expertise to get you back on the road.

Whether your preference is OEM parts or quality aftermarket, we conduct all our repairs with quality workmanship. We offer competitive pricing on all OEM parts and have several aftermarket options available. IPD and KMP are alternative brands we have in stock to get your repairs done right. Call in with your engine information and we can provide estimates for every scenario.

Fuel injectors play a major role in how your heavy duty engine performs. Injectors can also be a major expense to replace. It is almost always not necessary to replace all injectors at once. Let us show you why.

Sunset Diesel has their own fuel injection and fuel pump testing facility. We offer in-house testing of all Cummins, all [non-HEUI] CAT and all Detroit heavy duty engine injectors. We call also recondition the majority of the injectors we test. If they injectors are too worn, we stock replacements at a fraction of the cost of OEM. We can provide you with information on how each of your injectors are performing. You can then make the cost effective decision of how many you need to replace.

Our reconditioned injectors carry a six-month warranty. Our replacement injectors all have a 1-year warranty.

Sunset Diesel can bench test and rebuild Cummins PT AFC & AFC VS fuel pumps. We can test and rebuild Cummins N14 fuel pumps. We also repair/rebuild CAT [non-HEUI] fuel pumps.

In our pump room, we can test, rebuild and calibrate your Cummins PT fuel pumps. If you need to boost power and torque rise on the pump, we can do that too. Provide us with the information of your engine application and desired output and we will accomdate.

Having a quantity of quality inventory makes every repair go a lot smoother. Whether the repair is happening in our own shop or at your own facility, Sunset Diesel has what you need on hand to get it done.

Our parts department may seem small the naked eye, be we cram a lot of inventory in a small space! Sunset Diesel focuses on major engine and fuel systems repairs only, so our parts can be very specific and on hand to make the repair go as smooth as possible. In stock we offer: turbochargers, engine overhaul kits, injectors, gasket kits, fuel pumps, connecting rods, cylinder heads, bearing kits and an extensive inventory of all the little bits and pieces for any CAT, Cummins or Detroit engine repair.

Having an emissions system problem with late model engine? Sunset Diesel Service Ltd. can help!

There is almost nothing as frustrating as having a trip to pull, the truck to do it and the man-power waiting, when a "check engine light" puts it all to a stop. Emissions systems have their place in the world, but they are far from perfect. As well as they were intended to work in the lab, they just don't translate well into the real world. Especially northern Alberta. Extreme weather and remote locations often make short work of a California-Tested emissions systems.

At Sunset Diesel we do not hot-rod any engine. Ever. We will, however, help you by making necessary emission system modifications to keep you working and making the money you need to put food on the table. Our modifications will not damage your engine! Call us for information on what we can offer.

Our Advantages

Engine Experts
Blaine & Lloyd have over 60 years combined experience working on heavy duty engines & fuel systems.
We stock engine over haul kits, turbochargers, injectors, gasket kits, fuel pumps to keep your fleet on the go.
Specialized Tooling
Our testing facility has all the tooling required to locally test and diagnose all major engine fuel systems.
Local Support
In Alberta, even western Canada, there is no better local source for your heavy duty engine & fuel system needs.

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